FragDeluxe Roadmap

A summary of our plans and goals, any plans and dates mentioned here are our intentions - but not promises.


These are the priority right now


We want to do these things after


Things we want to achieve long-term

PUG System

The finishing touches need to be added for the PUG system to be labelled as Complete. This mostly includes improving stability, team balancing and statistics.

In depth testing

So far I’ve only been testing everything solo and with bots, to make sure everything works properly I’ll need to test on a larger scale, perhaps a closed BETA would be a good idea.


We want to get FragDeluxe out to the players as fast as possible, we’re aiming by the end of the year.

Weapon Skins

While the core functionality for weapon skinning is all there and ready.. I have some bigger plans that I need to finish before I would I would consider this ready. This is going to be one of the biggest tasks yet, which is why I have left it to one of the last.


A lot of our features are locked behind the use of Fragments, meaning certain things will need to be purchased via the in-game currency that players earn, these prices need to be balanced and tweaked so progression feels constant, fluid and fun.

Staff & VIP System

This is yet to be worked on. However, now that the website is up, back-end development on this can begin. It shouldn’t take long.